Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book tip: Vegan for Life

Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy on a Plant-Based diet, written by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina

I stumbled upon this book in my local book shop a few weeks ago and saw to my delight that it was written last year, and my favourite doc, Dr. Greger (whom I mentioned in the previous blog post) had made a commentary on the back of it stating; "A no-nonsense guide to explode the myths, avoid the pitfalls, and maximize health on a plant-based diet. required reading for every vegan, old or new." Me, living in Europe, didn't know he was such a big name in the vegan world. I remembered when he uploaded his Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2007 video series and received a maximum of 40 views.

Peter Singer (author of Animal Liberation and Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University) also gave some words about the book: "Here is the book I have been waiting for! Now when people ask me all those questions about how you can be healthy without eating animal producs, I can tell them that they will find the answers in Vegan for Life".

Now that I've read it I have to agree with them, it's an easily digested book that covers basic vegan nutrition, topics ranging from sports nutrition to nutrition for children and elders. It also includes reference guides to cheap vegan meal planning and tasty food guides. It's highly recommended to everyone, it doesn't matter if you're just curious about veganism or has been on it for 20 years.

Buy it on Amazon for $10.98

A great source of the latest in nutrition research

NutritionFacts.org is my favourite site when it comes to keeping up to date with latest discoveries in nutritional and medical science. Basically, Michael Greger, M.D plows through the vast amounts of studies and reports that get's published each year in scientific journals, and summarizes the findings in short easy to watch videos on the page.

Here's the man himself giving a description of the site and explaining why he does what he does.

There's also a blog section where he addresses members questions thoroughly, even though he'll problably answer almost any question in the comment section on each video.

And here's an example video for you, so you'll get a taste for the format