Sunday, April 1, 2012

Might be the 'Best Speech You Will Ever Hear'

So I just stumbled upon this guy, Gary Yourofsky. I've heard his name once or twice before in relation to animal rights activism, but have not read or seen anything of him before - until now. Apparently this lecture took place at Georgia Tech which was one of the stops on a longer college speaking tour. It is absolutely stunning, not just the content of the lecture itself, but the massive work that people has voluntarily contributed with in terms of translations. If you speak esperanto, hindi, japanese, persian, thai or vietnamese and have some time over, your help is needed. Read the video description on how to contribute.

He has a really straightforward rhetoric and pace in this talk, try not to denounce it in advance even though it makes you a little uncomfortable and it feels like it's actually you sitting in the lecture hall. He makes some great points, and even though there's one or two factual errors it's a fantastic lecture tied together beautifully. 

Here's his personal website with a lot on the philosophy surrounding veganism, and a lot of helpful practical tips.

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