Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why love one, but eat the other?

Exceptionally cute deer incoming. Wouldn't kill one of these, ever. At least not now while my survival doesn't depend upon hunting and eating these animals, no one in the civilized (I wonder who gave us the permission to call ourselves civilized anyway, since we doesn't act as such) modern-day world we live in is, really. I might reconsider if the zombies attack, though. It's cool how the deer copies the body language of the dog. Check it out!

Dog and deer are best friends

By the way, here's an awesome "Be Veg" campaign carried out in Toronto with a lovely message that connects with the title of this blog post: Why love one, but eat the other?

It's really true, I mean, look at the first video in this post. In normal circumstances families would rather serve deer than Golden Retriever at the dinner table. Why? Who made these rules which draw the lines between what animal you can eat and which one you can't? Aren't we incredibly double standard?


  1. i totally agree with you that people should go vegan if they want. but i love meat so i would not be able to go full blown vegan at all. but what i do is that i try to buy local and also free ranged to try to compensate for that

    1. Yeah, I support that idea too even if it's matematically impossible for everyone to do that, but at least you know of the origin of what you're eating. Fortunately it has never been easier to go veg than today because of all the tasty meat substitutes. The world isn't black and white and even reducing your meat intake little by little also reduces the risk of cancer and high cholesterol levels dramatically.

  2. nice blog man. fellow vegan here :) will definitely come back everyday for some good stuff...peace

  3. Intresting blog man thought I should follow since I know very little about vegans and cool video man.

  4. Cultural separation of animals into eatable/non-eatable are as old as mankind itself. Even though it had practical reasons earlier on, it is now just an agreement to not eat domesticated animals.

  5. Number of people = same number of opinion.